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  1. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    Congrats to everyone who received an interview!!🎉🎉 Just want to ask how it went?
  2. Sacramento State Spring 2022

    Did anyone’s major change to Nursing BS in their student center? Has anybody gotten any denials?
  3. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    Thank you! I hope we all get to see each other in the program!
  4. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    I received the packet too, but I meant to ask if you just declared your intent to enroll and not pay the fee or did you have to state you were a nursing student to not pay
  5. CSU Chico Spring 2022 BSN

    Did you just accepted your admission or you had to somehow click on something to say you were applying for nursing? Btw when do they notify us of acceptances?
  6. CSULB Spring 2022

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to be accepted into the program without receiving an interview?