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  1. Anyone able to share insight to these programs? Thinking about applying?
  2. NurseGuru

    New Nurse I Don't Know Anything

    Getting into a new grad program is ideal but doesn't happen for everyone. I would suggest looking into volunteer positions where you can work on clinical skills but if you can't get in anywhere because of COVID, then start looking online for case stu...
  3. NurseGuru

    Six-month mark. "Is this for me?"

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're experiencing that- it sounds like alot of the other nurses are not being patient or understanding with you and that is completely unfair. As a new nurse, everyone struggles. It wasn't until I was a year or two i...
  4. NurseGuru

    Nurse Mentor?

    Yes, and you can easily find one here or on social media platforms!
  5. NurseGuru

    SDSU Transfer BSN Fall 2022

    Be careful with SDSU. Look into other schools just in case. I transferred out of SDSU after my first semester. I got into their nursing program thinking it was going to go well but then everyone got the email about "we cannot guarantee clinical ...
  6. NurseGuru

    Peds nurse seeking transition to L&D

    Go get ACLS, NRP, but also get intermediate or advanced fetal monitoring, STABLE, and ALSO! Start looking for an L&D mentor ASAP- there is still going to be a learning curve. This is so exciting though, good luck!!
  7. NurseGuru

    6 Couplets on Postpartum

    No, no, and no. I would report the census to someone. I don't know what state you're in surely they have a patient to nurse ratio. That is a recipe for burnout. I am most worried about the quality of care the patients are getting.
  8. NurseGuru

    Struggling to Transition to L and D

    When I was new to L&D, I thought my preceptors were so mean-borderline nasty because they nitpicked at every little thing I did, I felt awful when I couldn't finish tasks within a certain timeframe or did it a certain way but the reality is that ...
  9. My strongest recommendation is the first option. You don't want to burn yourself out before getting to L&D. There will always be plenty of time to work on your bedside skills during the birthing process. Being a doula can be super taxing o...
  10. NurseGuru

    Thinking of leaving OR for OB (L&D) ?

    The biggest difference between OR and OB is a huge curve in patient interaction. The similarities is that you get to work autonomously - lots of standing orders, you drive the birthing process in most cases depending on how much time you spend ...
  11. NurseGuru

    Hey preceptors, how did a student impress you?

    Being friendly, helpful and asking questions as you mentioned sound like great qualities to have. I am excited for you! The most impressive thing a novice nurse can do in L&D world is come prepared with knowledge on the most up-to-date pract...
  12. NurseGuru

    HELP RNC-OB test prep

    I am board certified, and I can help you with studying- We can connect by PM if you want.
  13. NurseGuru

    Georgetown NP 2022?

    Waiting on a decision as well. It can take up to a month for some, but I have read elsewhere that some people have gotten decisions within a week or two. A close friend of mine got into the midwifery program two years ago and she heard back within 2 ...
  14. NurseGuru

    Georgetown MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Anyone remember how long it took to hear back on a decision after interview? Anyone get offered any scholarships?
  15. NurseGuru

    Georgetown FNP 2020

    Anyone remember how long it took for the decision after the interview? Did you get phone/email/mail notification? Anyone get offered scholarship upfront?