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  1. ELMSN SFSU Fall 2022

    Hi!! I am also going to apply for Fall 2022 🙂
  2. Azusa Pacific University ELM Program

    Hello all, Thank you for your input. I just submitted my application for Fall 2022, and not going to lie, APU was one of my top schools since it has the option to get both BSN and MSN NP. I am still waiting on my application decision, but I am ...
  3. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2022

    Hi all! I am still working on my application. Good luck everyone!!
  4. UCLA MECN 2022

    Hi!! I am also applying for Fall 2022. Lets get through this process!
  5. APU ELM Fall 2022

    Hi!! I also applied for Fall 2022, but to the Main (Azusa) campus.