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  1. CPNRE November 2021

    @AmeDo It's [email protected]
  2. CPNRE November 2021

    @AmeDo So sorry to hear that! Don't take the results personally, use the feedback CNO gave you and study from that!! Also, the REX-PN has an outline of the things you should study for, perhaps use that as well. Believe in yourself and you can ...
  3. CPNRE November 2021

  4. CPNRE November 2021

    Congrats to everyone that passed! To the people who didn't pass, this is just one exam, you will be able to pass the next time around! :) Also, did the email tell anyone how many questions were needed to pass?
  5. CPNRE November 2021

    @NScotiaLPN We won't get results back for another 2-3 weeks. But I know I failed that exam, the questions were hard
  6. CPNRE November 2021

    @Sia So sorry, I wrote mine yesterday! I certainly failed the exam ? Have you guys written it yet?
  7. CPNRE November 2021

    @AmeDo Hey, the answer would be A because the stroke side is always the strong side. If you were to put it on the patient's right side and towards the head of the bed - the patient can use her strong side and slide to the wheelchair (she could use h...
  8. CPNRE November 2021

    @AmeDo We just have to believe in ourselves when we write the exam! I really hope it's like the prep guides ? I find the Mosby's questions harder
  9. CPNRE November 2021

    Very overwhelmed, hbu? What materials are you using to study
  10. CPNRE November 2021

    Hi guys, I only have a few days to study for my exam. What would you guys recommend studying from? Are prep guides 3, 4 and 5 okay to rely on? Thank you and best of luck to all of you!!