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  1. danceismyescape

    Blinn ADN Spring 2022

    Congrats on that! I did not get in. Do you mind sharing how many admissions points you had? I was thinking I would maybe at least get on the alternate list, so I am curious.
  2. danceismyescape

    Blinn LVN 2019 admission

    I know this is an old thread, but do y'all remember your percent scores (acceptance points) that you were accepted with for the LVN program? Or know the range that they typically accept?
  3. danceismyescape

    Blinn ADN Fall 2020

    Hi! I know this weird because it is a year later, but do you mind sharing how many points you had to get on the alternate list?
  4. danceismyescape

    Blinn ADN Fall 2021

    Hey, I know this is months later- but I was wondering if you would mind sharing how many points you had on your application? I'm waiting for the next cycle of admissions to come out in the next couple weeks and was wondering what types of point range...
  5. danceismyescape

    Blinn ADN Spring 2022

    I couldn't find a thread for the Blinn ADN Spring 2022 application cycle, so I figured I would go ahead and start one! I believe the applications were due on the 29th of September, so we should be hearing sometime this month!