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  1. HPSP Question??!!

    Ahh I see! Well this sounds like good news for us both! Congrats to you as well! I am curious how much time I would have to pay back as I graduate in December and I think I will only get aid to cover Summer and my last semester in the fall.. do you h...
  2. HPSP Question??!!

    Hey so I just received the same email this morning and got this back from Scott Dixon: “You will get an official award notification once the selection committee chairmen approves the selections.” this was after asking when the aid would start if offi...
  3. HPSP Question??!!

    Hi there, I submitted my application for the scholarship but haven't gotten a decision yet. I am curious though if anyone who has accepted or completed the HPSP program knows if the 1 year residency is paid or if you just receive a stipend? ...