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Ovarychiever is a MSN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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    Quitting without notice?

    Some background, I started a new job about a month and a half ago on a L&D unit in the city I recently moved to and I am ready to leave. This is not my first L&D job so I have some understanding on how units can run, that staffing isn't always compliant with AWHONN guidelines and that some OB/GYNs can be a bit demanding. But when I say this unit isn't safe I mean I am genuinely concerned for my patients safety every shift. This like my last job is high risk L&D and I've had 3 patients at times, all requiring either mag, insulin, pit, or all of the above, preterm etc. This unit also has very poor equipment, very basic L&D supplies are missing such as foley catheters, FSEs, SCDs every shift. I just came off of orientation and had a meeting with my educator and manager about how I'm feeling and when I expressed all of my concerns they seemed very receptive but were also forthcoming that the primary issue is staffing and that, they've had about 20 nurses come and go within the past year and are struggling to find new hires. They asked if I was planning on leaving and I told them I would take it day by day. I've always known I didn't want to do bedside long term, and I recently interviewed at a outpatient clinic and they want to move forward with me. It's my ideal job, better hours, the same pay, and far less stress. Unlike my current job which I interviewed for remotely (big regret), I was able to visit this new job and meet with staff and tour the facility. I definitely want to accept this new job but not sure how I should leave my current. I am still in the probationary period, and per hospital policy I don't have to give any notice and I have no accrued PTO as of yet so I don't need to be paid out. My fear is obviously burning a bridge by leaving without notice although I don't plan on returning to this hospital at any point, I feel done with bedside nursing. On the other hand I'm worried that if I put in a customary two weeks that I may be retaliated against by getting the worst assignments and as I mentioned earlier I fear about my patient's safety and the mere thought of anything bad happening scares me the most. The rest of the staff who are understandably tired of people coming and going have been open about doing this and I know my fear is unfortunately based in reality. I'm really not sure what to do. I know that if I put in 2 weeks they could let me go anyways which would be ideal for me but I doubt the management would, they've expressed they'll keep me as long as I want to stay. Thanks in advance for reading and providing your input.