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  1. Kaplan entrance exam

    Do you have any recommended material to study’s for the exam? I bought Kaplan’s nursing school entrance prep book but is this enough to prepare especially for science section? I took A&P 1 and 2 last year am wondering if I should review...
  2. Kaplan nursing entrance exam

    I’m scheduled to take the entrance exam in a month or so. How difficult is the science portion of the exam? I’ve taken A&P 1 and 2 and am wondering if I should review the PowerPoints.
  3. Kaplan coming up in 2 months

    I’m scheduled to take Kaplan entrance exam in the end of February. When I took it last year I only scored 68 and I need 77 to get into the program at the school I’m interested in. What’s the best way to study? I especially suck at reading:...
  4. Starting ADN program in January

    I’m taking Microbiology (and Anatomy and Physiology 1&2 previous semesters) and They are so hard…and thinking that nursing classes are even harder makes me extremely anxious… How are nursing classes compared to those classes??
  5. Educational requirement in California

    I’m about to graduate from ADN program in Massachusetts. The school is private and ACEN accredited but the program takes 18 months (6,10-week semesters) instead of traditional 24-month (Spring-Summer-fall) like most community colleges. The sch...

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