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  1. Kaplan entrance exam

    Do you have any recommended material to study’s for the exam? I bought Kaplan’s nursing school entrance prep book but is this enough to prepare especially for science section? I took A&P 1 and 2 last year am wondering if I should review...
  2. Kaplan coming up in 2 months

    I’m scheduled to take Kaplan entrance exam in the end of February. When I took it last year I only scored 68 and I need 77 to get into the program at the school I’m interested in. What’s the best way to study? I especially suck at reading:...
  3. Starting ADN program in January

    I’m taking Microbiology (and Anatomy and Physiology 1&2 previous semesters) and They are so hard…and thinking that nursing classes are even harder makes me extremely anxious… How are nursing classes compared to those classes??