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  1. Hi, on the RCC nursing application, it doesn't give me an option to submit my foreign language or life experience supporting documents. Is that the same for you and were you able to submit those documents?

    1. Kimieeperez


      RCC does that based off the “honor system” no documentation is required to be submitted. Only work experience or volunteer hours require proof. 

  2. OR RN to NP or PA

    Honestly, PA has more surgical experience. However, NP may be done faster considering the pre reqs for PA and the GRE.
  3. Question About HIPAA Security Assessments

  4. Lost job over HIPAA violation

    Im so sorry this happened to you.
  5. RN Meeting With Corporate Compliance Over "Privacy Matter" Looking for Advice

    any updates ?
  6. Student - HIPAA

    You're just a student and didn't know any better. Just make sure not to do it again and you'll be fine given that no one's said anything.
  7. HIPAA and Clinical Sites

    It would be completely unprofessional and I truly doubt any of the healthcare workers would bring this information up. All the best!
  8. HIPAA not HIPPA

  9. Left patients chart at another patient’s home

    Hope all worked out!
  10. Former client in home health

    Had the same situation happen. I continued being friends but I have to agree, these policies seem pointless IMO.
  11. Unintentionally Violated HIPAA. Felt Stupid.

    I can completely understand how that mistake was made. Don't beat yourself up about it!
  12. Completely Stressed Out

    It might show when the hospital does a background check on you. But if you got the job and they already approved you, you should be fine.
  13. Student nurse HIPAA violation question

    I agree with the responses above. It would be a good idea to ask with your instructor rather than taking that risk. Best of luck!
  14. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    hi, can I ask how many points you had on your application?
  15. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Hey, were you able to recalculate your points and find out if you had 82? I'm not sure how you weren't given a seat.