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  1. Lvl4andcounting

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    The only textbook we have that talks about IVPB is our clinical calculations book that says IVPB is a secondary line that overrides the primary line. Didn’t help me though when I pointed that out and seemed to annoy this professor who later told me a...
  2. Lvl4andcounting

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    The wording above is the exact and complete wording. It specifically says IVPB... which is why I am so confused that I was told the problem was wrong. Trying to sort out how I may have misread the question as my professor claims. I certainly couldn't...
  3. We've been lucky that our school has been able to get us into all our clinicals except one set; however, I do know our state board of nursing approved 70% sim lab being an acceptable ratio. I've heard of this in other states. Seems crazy, but.... COV...
  4. Lvl4andcounting

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    So I took a math exam yesterday and I'm confused on the result. 32 yo male admitted for leg wound that cultured +MRSA Provider orders: Vancomycin 1g/250mL over 2 hr IVPB q12hr 1 Liter Normal Saline over 8 hr IV x 3 What is the to...