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PhilodendronPrinceofOJ has 5 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Dialysis.

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  1. Eastern Suffolk Boces LPN 2022-2023

    I'm glad you made it into the program! I hope your first month is going well so far 😀
  2. Suffolk County Community College LPN to RN Program Spring 2023

    They told me we will receive an email in October.
  3. Suffolk County Community College LPN to RN Program Spring 2023

    I heard they accept the advanced and exemplary first, and if there's space they will accept proficient. Classes such as A&P and Psych will help boost your score. Plus they'll be needed for you to graduate anyway. I figure it would be easier to ta...
  4. Wanting to explore dialysis nursing

    As far as certification, one requires one year of experience while another is asking for 2,000 or 3,000 hours.
  5. Suffolk County Community College LPN to RN Program Spring 2023

    Never mind! I ended up emailing them again, and they said they received it and I will find out in October.
  6. Suffolk County Community College LPN to RN Program Spring 2023

    Thank you. You too! I was told I could email my license and registration rather than going to campus. When I sent it, I never got a reply back that it was received. I tried calling admissions this morning, but no one is picking up. Anyone else h...
  7. CHN BONENT exam as an LPN

    I'm planning to take the CHN exam administered by BONENT. I was wondering if there's any difference between the RN and LPN tests. When I was training, LPNs were lumped into the same classes as RNs. Half of the information wouldn't apply to me, but I...
  8. Suffolk County Community College LPN to RN Program Spring 2023

    Hello! I got an 81 on the TEAS and I'm not retaking it. Fingers crossed!
  9. Eastern Suffolk Boces LPN 2022-2023

    First, congratulations! I don't really remember the exact questions I was asked. I think she asked me why I wanted to be in the program and where I see myself in x amount of years. I just remember standard interview questions. I did the part-time pro...
  10. Burnout

    I know I have trouble staying in one place for too long. I currently work in outpatient dialysis. Recently we had a couple of techs graduate with their RN. As a result of (I'm assuming) covid, our clinic has been training many people for the other c...
  11. I hate being a nurse…

    My primary care doctor's office has a nurse who administers allergy tests as well as gives injections. She says that sometimes it gets very busy, but for the most part everything is a bit relaxed. They're usually pretty good with the scheduling so it...
  12. Dialysis Nursing as New Grad?

    I want to stress what traumaRUs said. It'll take time. I'm an LPN, but I'll try to help as much as I can to describe outpatient dialysis. Each facility is different with the way they handle their patients' scheduling. In my facility we have 6 po...
  13. Boces LPN?

    It could be possible. Call the school and ask them if they have a cutoff for scores. If anything, is there a way to retake the test? If you do retake it, try a different approach. I know ATI used to have an option where you can improve, and it would ...
  14. Transcripts

    Kind of. Some colleges may ask for a transcript while others don't. Some may require you to have gotten certain grades. From what I know, the GPA shouldn't transfer from school to school. Even from two different colleges, my GPA never transferred. So...
  15. LPN Pay?

    Long Island, NY here working in dialysis for four years. When I first started, I was paid $22.25. All of my other offers were high 20s, but part-time/per diem, and I needed benefits. Now I'm at $28.50. I decided to go for the preceptor position. I'm ...