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ICUNURSE1995 has 1 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Hi everyone!! I just finished my application for UWF FNP program for the Fall 2022. Anyone else apply? Does anyone have any information on the program? Thanks! 🙂
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here applied to CN University FNP program? I applied there because it has a fair price and finds preceptors for students, which not many places do. Anyone have any opinions or experience with CN? I applied for t...
  3. SUNY Downstate WHNP 2022

    Yes! Dr. Steinfeld was truly amazing. If you are interested in connecting, I cant PM through here but my email is It's always good to start with familiar faces!!
  4. SUNY Downstate WHNP 2022

    Hi!! I interviewed on 2/1 and got an acceptance the same day! Im so excited.
  5. Pace University FNP Fall 2022

    Hello everyone. I submitted my application for Pace University's FNP program today and wanted to start a thread for it because I did not see one started for this upcoming fall. Does anyone have any insight about the program? How many seats are availa...
  6. PACE FNP 2021

    Hi everyone! I finished my application for Pace FNP program and was wondering what the average stats are for gaining admission? I have a BSN GPA of 3.67 and about a years nursing experience in ICU and L&D. I also applied to Mercy and Downstate an...
  7. Mercy college FNP Dobbs ferry ny

    Hi all! For those who were accepted to the program, how do you like it so far? What were your stats? I have a BSN GPA of 3.67 and was wondering if that is good enough? Do they require an interview? How soon did you hear back from them after applying ...
  8. Mercy College FNP Fall 2022!

    Hi everyone! I just put my application today in for Mercy Colleges FNP program. Did anyone else apply? Any former/current students willing to offer their opinions? Is it an overall good program? I would love to connect to people who have applied. Tha...
  9. Mercy College FNP 2020

    Hi! I know this thread is old, but I just applied to Mercy for their FNP for Fall 2022. Did you get accepted? If so, how is your experience?
  10. SUNY Downstate WHNP 2022

    Hi everyone! I did not see a thread posted for the Fall 2022 start for the WHNP program. I applied to SUNY Downstate WHNP program in early September 2021 and got an email yesterday inviting me to interview with them! I am so excited but very nervous....
  11. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    Good luck!! I do hear it could be a long wait but I hope it isn't for me. They are aware I currently work at another hospital and need to leave notice haha hoping for the best
  12. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    Unfortunately not. When did u have your interview?
  13. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    same haha I had mine at north shore as well
  14. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    same haha I had mine at north shore as well
  15. Northwell Health RN Fellowships Oct 2021

    thank you! you as well. where did you interview if you don't mind me asking?