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  1. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    Does anyone know when we will be hearing back?
  2. Mercy College ABSN Spring 22'

    I was accepted to both, but choose to go with Pace. Was your first choice mercy?
  3. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    I didn’t know either. It’s 20,000 more than I originally thought. I heard they give scholarships. Do you happen to know about this?
  4. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    I’ve had better communication with all other programs. They told me last week or a little over a week they just got done with fee waivers, so they didn’t start reviewing applications yet. BUT they took literally super long to reply to my email and I ...
  5. Stony Brook's ABSN Class of 2023

    Hey! I think it takes them awhile due to having to look through fee waivers.
  6. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    Does anyone know if they give scholarships?
  7. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    There’s most likely more acceptance that went out. You have to remember not everyone applying is here, plus they get thousands of applications.
  8. Mercy College ABSN Spring 22'

    I have no idea. I wish these programs would provide more information. I decided to defer my enrollment until the Fall at another program because I had visited where the campus was for this program and another and was unnecessary about traveling.
  9. Mercy College ABSN Spring 22'

    I had asked this question like two days ago to (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME), which he informed me that I would have to reapply for the Fall for the weekend program. You should definitely accept about deferring, but I don’t think you can defer to ...
  10. Mercy College ABSN Spring 22'

    I was told classes are in person.
  11. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    Mine is still there as well, but that just means they haven’t got to our application yet.
  12. Adelphi Spring 2022

    No I was told we won’t hear back until after the deadline.
  13. Adelphi Spring 2022

    Thank you! I noticed the TEAS are required for admission, which I haven’t taken.
  14. Adelphi Spring 2022

    I applied for Mercy as well, and got accepted but decided not to go with their program. I am interested in Molloy, however been having a hard time finding information regarding deadline and requirements. I was wondering if you can help me out with th...
  15. SUNY Downstate ABSN 2022-2023

    Hey! I just realized I forgot to submit my application fee and was wondering if it’s too late to do so?