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VitaminSea11 has 1 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. PACU Sky Ridge Medical Center

    Can anyone tell me anything about working in the PACU at Sky Ridge medical center? I am currently an ICU RN who would like to transfer into PACU, and am wondering if this would be a good transfer for me or if I should apply for jobs within Centura, U...
  2. Night shift hangover

    Thank you for your advice!! I need to try and get more water like you said… I’m in the same boat though. I am really longing for a day shift position in the future ?
  3. don't like nursing, should I accept the job?

    I think OR could be okay sense you don’t have a lot of patient interaction, but you do have to have a lot of interaction with the surgery team. Would you maybe want to look into research?? Just a thought. Best of luck ?
  4. I’m currently an ICU RN who would like to make the switch to PACU. I am currently working in an HCA facility, but am thinking of changing to a different organization due to being unhappy in my current role. Anyone have any suggestions for good hospit...
  5. Night shift hangover

    Thank you!! I will definitely try the mio!! It’s good to hear what works for you. I feel like the coffee is a little too acidic for me too and may be attributing to my overall nausea. I appreciate it the tips!! ?
  6. Advice for a new nurse who wants to quit.

    Something that I find weird is that your DON said that you’ll address being a wound care nurse when you’re fully staffed. That will probably not happen for a long time (if ever), since your facility doesn’t treat nurses very well. Can you address th...
  7. Night shift hangover

    Anyone else feel like they’re really hungover after night shift? I am going on 8 months of working the night shift, and I still get really shaky and nauseous after my third night and when I wake up after sleeping. Staying on a consistent night shift ...
  8. Are there any travel nurse jobs for Unvaccinated Nurses?

    I had a severe allergic reaction to pfizer, but got the J&J vaccine to be fully vaccinated. Apparently I was allergic to polyethylene glycol found in moderna and Pfizer. Not sure if this applies to you or would be helpful, but I’m glad I got the ...
  9. Anyone really like their RN job?

    Hi, I work in an ICU and have for about 7 months now. I’m not sure what my long term goals are. With Covid, I wasn’t able to have any clinical experiences outside of medsurg and ICU while I was in school. I am wondering, is there any RN out there who...
  10. Is it too soon to panic? (Hate my new job)

    What did you end up doing? I read your post because I am 5 months into my current job and absolutely hate it. I’m trying to transfer. I work in the ICU as well.