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  1. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Added you! Thanks for joining!
  2. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Hey everyone, I went ahead and made a facebook group for us! Please join if you would like to, and share with anyone not on this forum! https://www.facebook.com/groups/722195782148453/ Also, just to let everyone know, CVS's MinuteClini...
  3. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Aw I wish I knew anything for you! Maybe they’ll have more info at the orientation on Monday. I hope it works out for you!
  4. Santa Ana College Fall 22 ADN Program

    Hey everyone. I got my acceptance email yesterday, but I will be going to Chaffey instead! Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Yeah im not sure about that. Best of luck! I’m excited too. I’m just gonna focus on getting all the screenings in on time and getting my life organized. I wanna visit some family, do some Spring cleaning, make some appointments, that kinda stuff haha...
  6. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Yay congrats! I didn’t apply to the concurrent enrollment program. Did you?
  7. Chaffey college fall 2022

    See ya Monday!
  8. Gotta decide between Santa Ana and Chaffey still, but probably Chaffey!!
  9. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Just got my Chaffey acceptance email!
  10. Chaffey college fall 2022

    Anyone heard anything yet today? I can’t wait!
  11. Just cancelled my interview cause I got another acceptance, hopefully they give another candidate my spot! Best of luck to everyone! Just wanted to post in case any alternates were here.
  12. Oh awesome! Glad they let you do that after the deadline.
  13. Yeah those are the same options I got.
  14. Huh maybe you just didn’t get your invite yet!
  15. I have 86 points currently.