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  1. Hey everyone! In light of the applications for THR opening, I wanted to start the thread here so we could keep all of us who applied updated with responses and dated. Good luck guys!! I applied specifically for THR Presby in Dallas!
  2. RNontheway2021

    Medical City February 2022 Residency

    I applied at Plano and Dallas!
  3. RNontheway2021

    UTSW February 2022 Residency

    Same!! I'm hoping to hear back from UT first!
  4. Hey, I wanted to start this thread for all of us applying for any Baylor Scott & White locations to keep each other updated with responses and interviews. I applied for BUMC specifically. Best of luck to you all! Hopefully we hear back quickly!!
  5. RNontheway2021

    Childrens Health February 2022 Nurse Residency

    I heard back! They sent me a candidate screening questionnaire on August 23rd and sent me a link for interview sign ups for 15/16 on September 3rd