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    Dosage Calculation

    for #4 I got the answer 0.275g, my mom tried to help me with that one but she didn't write down the work for it or she didn't understand either so she just wrote it down? whenever she handed to paper to me and also cause her teacher sent her that answer (we take the same class but different teacher) , and for the others we didn't get any work done math isn't our best subject.
  2. sb082001

    Dosage Calculation

    Also im studying to become an RN nurse 🙂
  3. sb082001

    Dosage Calculation

    Hello everyone I am taking a pharmacology class for college and I was wondering if anyone could help me with these questions? I'm having trouble solving them it is due soon. 1. Order: Administer 500 mg of vancomycin IV piggy back in 60 minutes q12 hours. The medication is available in 100 mL of NS. How many mL/hour will be given? 2. The Order: give PenG 400,000 units IM bid. The PenG is available as 250,000 U/mL. How many mL will be given each dose? 3. Order: Give 500mg of Keflex po q6 hr. Available: 250 mg tablets. How many tablets will the patient receive in a 24-hour period? 4.Order: Give Naprosyn suspension 0.275 g po. Available: Naprosyn 125mg/5 mL. How many mL will be given?