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  1. Nichole is lightning fast, Im sure you’ll get your points asap! 😊 its the waiting game now 🀞🏼😬
  2. No, I think the only thing you get points for is GPA and the military. I don't think anything else gets points.
  3. I think it will show when she processes it. It took a sometime to see my points.
  4. @Coastie75 I hope thats true and we all get in!
  5. @Purple2120 I applied for South, but Im the willing to drive to central if thats the only place with space. I think we choose our campus when we register, but Im not sure how it works. Does anyone here know anyone that is currently enrolled in the program? Im curious what the class schedule is like for the first semester.
  6. So glad we have each other to help the time go by! After tomorrow the count down begins ! 🀞🏼😬 How are you guys coping? Im pretty sure I might spontaneously combust waiting to hear the determination. πŸ˜…
  7. @Lae jae Maybe they have less seats for Summer? Hopefully theres space for us all for Spring 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼
  8. @Lae jae Im pretty sure you can have C’s, I read that it depends on the strength of the pool of applicants. Which I wish we could see statistics of the applicants! Its pretty competitive πŸ˜“ all we can do now is stay positive and wait 😬 (which is totally easier said than done! the suspense is killing me πŸ˜–)
  9. Guys! Its almost the close of the application period! πŸ₯³ So excited ! 🀞🏼🀞🏼
  10. LukiJ2

    Broward College Spring 2021

    Hey guys! To those that got into the FT program, what was your schedule like the first semester? How many days a week did you have class and clinicals? And were you able to work at all?
  11. I read a comment by @ndrullard, who, I believe processes our applications (if Im not mistaken) that we should check our email every other day after Sept 17 so we can respond to the acceptance on time. Don't wait til the last day of the 30 days I think we only hVe a certain amount of time to respond heres her advice!
  12. I was wondering how long after the application period do we get a response, I think I might die if we have to wait the full 30 business days LOL
  13. Have you applied before?
  14. I hope we find some more applicants on here! It would be cool to have a study group already set up before we start.
  15. I read on the pre reqs that students have been accepted with 1 before! Its still totally possible you’ll get accepted! Just depends on the amount of applicants and the average points. We shall stay positive we both get in! ❀️ 🀞🏼
  16. Yes me too! I got 11 points I hope its enough 🀞🏼What about you? (If you feel comfortable sharing, of course) I wonder how many applicants there are for this semester 😬