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NicKi0410 has 2 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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    Advice please

    I think I’d love to go back and be able to put some of the changes that need to be done into place. But I’m just concerned they’re saying oh we’ll promote you and give you a raise and nice title and nothing will change. The new job is definitely less stressful. I just like to bond with my patients and my staff and I feel like I haven’t yet. I feel like I’m at camp or something LOL I’m hoping that could come with time, but that’s what I’m afraid of. That and not making the right choice and regretting it. I know these aren’t the only two jobs in the world, but right now I feel like they are and at one point I was completely happy at the old job until I got so overwhelmed that it was honestly affecting my outside life. I was almost burnt out. And I’ve only been a nurse almost 3 years, that can’t be normal. thank you! I hope I find a good in between or make a good choice!
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    Advice please

    I did mean every two weeks friend LOL I’m sorry
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    Advice please

    Hi! I work at a pediatric office and honestly I do love it. But as of around April, I became unhappy as in everything was kind of falling on me. I was doing the ordering of supplies, staying two hours or so after to complete tasks that should have been completed by other employees, doing medical records, calling parents back with lab results, answering questions they had, etc. mind you this was also in between rooming, vitaling, and doing procedures on up to 40 patients a day. We have one medical assistant and or nurse that is supposed to do these tasks in an 8 hour period. It’s just not safe nor humanly possible. I did it for months, never complaining, but as of late my mental health has been taking a toll. I’ve been completely mentally and physically exhausted after leaving, aggravated and just not happy. Anxious I forgot something, worried if I did, etc One of my friends and coworkers works at a different pediatric office, and I was recently offered a job there in July. I passed on it due to at my recent job they fired the manager, and lost three other girls. Cut to I was offered this job again in August. My last day at my previous job the doctor who runs the practice asks me why I’m leaving. I tell him what I think needs to change and why I know not only I but my other staff was unhappy. He seemed legitimately surprised because I don’t believe my manager filled him in on this stuff. Although I had brought up my issues before and was told oh it would get better or they were dismissed. He offered me a raise and promotion. He said that he looks at me like a daughter and he knows how good I am at my job and would not want to lose me. This new job I started, and honestly? I like it but it seems kind of too easy if that makes sense. And I’m wondering how and what chances of moving up in the new practice I have? There’s no management positions and there are multiple nurses and medical assistants who honestly don’t do much or anything and claim it to be “overwhelming.” I’m like you guys literally have no idea what being overwhelmed is LOL. So my dilemma is this. Go back to my old job with a higher position and salary (he wanted me to be the manager of our urgent care) or stay at this new job although I don’t feel very fulfilled yet. Should I give the new job a change? Am I like an abused dog that has a good home and now I don’t know how to accept the lack of chaos and stability? Also, the new job is less hours, but more pay. Old job will be same ish hours but more pay. Mind you I was clocking about 84 hours in a two week period making 20 dollars an hour and the new job is 64 hours with room for more, 28.50, will go up to 29 after my probation period. My old job offering the promotion would be like 80ish hours and 28 dollars an hour. So there is where my dilemma lies friends, any advice, opinions, etc would be GREATLY appreciated