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  1. Unfair Grading

    I cannot stress this enough, this has nothing to do with what my peer made or what I made in the check off. The instructor responded to me letting me know she knew my peer had missed those things but didn’t judge her harshly because she “thought” my ...
  2. Unfair Grading

    We had to sign up for these check offs on “sign up genius”. Therefore, I had never seen the peer I was partnered up with before that day. I just worry my instructor will continue to be partial even when we all try our best to do well! That was the on...
  3. Unfair Grading

    She told me she was glad that the instructor didn’t catch any of her mistakes. I simply told her she did well. My query is not with my peer, she most definitely will not speak up and say “oh wow I know I missed several of those objectives, but thanks...
  4. Unfair Grading

    OMG, I had no idea standing up for yourself when you clearly witness your instructor being partial can lead to backstabbing and doing what it takes to look better. The only competition I have is with myself to do better in all aspects of my life. I c...
  5. Unfair Grading

    My peer didn’t reveal her grade to me. We were graded right in front of the professor, right then and there. We went through our head to toe and as soon as we were done, we were handed our paper. She told my peer “you didn’t miss anything”, while she...
  6. Unfair Grading

    I have only sent 2 emails in total to the instructor regarding the matter. She herself admitted to not cutting her points off because she “thought” we were in different levels. Therefore, my perspective isn’t incorrect. If only it was as easy as you ...
  7. Unfair Grading

    I suppose you are right. However, my concern was never about grades alone. It was about equality and fairness. I sat through my peer missing all those objectives as she was performing the assessment on me but the instructor overlooked them all or was...
  8. Unfair Grading

    I am new to this forum. I recently encountered an incident that has left me quite disappointed. We had a head-to-toe assessment check off and med check off before we started our second semester for nursing. I made sure to prepare well to do well in b...