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  1. Georgetown CNM/WHNP MSN May 2022

    Congratulations!! I'm so excited to start! A bit nervous, but mostly excited for this next step!
  2. Georgetown NP 2022?

  3. Georgetown NP 2022?

    I don't think so. I know a few Georgetown NPs (FNP, CNM/WHNP) that work in CA. Frontier also isn't on the list and I know many CNMs that practice here. I am also in CA
  4. Georgetown NP 2022?

    I do! Which program are you in? Do you work as well? I have two PRN jobs so I work about 2-3 days a week. Since the program is part time I’m hoping it’s manageable but with clinicials I’m not sure. How many days a week would you say you’re in clinica...
  5. Georgetown CNM/WHNP MSN May 2022

    Hi! It wasn’t too bad, but the format was a bit weird. You aren’t interviewing with a live person, one of the admission counselors host a zoom where you answer like 4 or 5 questions (can’t remember for sure) that are displayed on the zoom screen. ...
  6. Advice for new midwifery student?

    Hi Everyone! I am starting my CNM/WHNP MSN program this May and I was wondering if anyone has advice/tips for a new midwifery student? Books to read, things to review, must have resources, etc. Thank you in advance ?
  7. Georgetown NP 2022?

    Hi! I heard back in exactly 2 weeks via email! Good luck! I'm not doing the DNP as of now, but heard you could add on if you wanted. I start in May!
  8. Georgetown NP 2022?

    Thank you so much!
  9. Georgetown NP 2022?

    Me too! waiting until May will be rough LOL, but I don't graduate from my ABSN program until November so that and NCLEX will keep me busy!
  10. Georgetown NP 2022?

    That's awesome! Congrats on your acceptance! I am so excited! Keep me posted on how the program goes!
  11. The road to CNM

    Oh whoop sorry I misread the timeline! That's so exciting! So glad to hear it's been a great program so far! I graduate my ABSN this November and was accepted into the May 2022 cohort. I am also a bit nervous about not having worked as an L&D RN,...
  12. The road to CNM

    Hey! When do you start Georgetown? I just got accepted as well! CNM/WHNP!
  13. Georgetown NP 2022?

    Hi, I did! I applied to the CNM/WHNP program for a May 2022 start date. I applied in early August and was admitted on 09/02! Which program did you apply to?
  14. Georgetown CNM/WHNP MSN May 2022

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else has been admitted to Georgetown's CNM/WHNP MSN program for the May 2022 start date? I would love to connect with any future classmates! Thank you!