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  1. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    If you do not have an associates degree posted on your transcript you send a copy of the diploma/GED or official transcripts sent to admissions, if you have an associates or higher posted then you do not need to send that information.
  2. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I believe the Certificate/License is if you hold a CNA, psych tech, ect. license so if you do not have one I would leave it blank. I left the "All Official Transcripts" part blank because I am also confused on what to put there but I have an appt on ...
  3. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I will be there.
  4. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Hello, I am also applying for the Spring 2022 LVN program. I am mailing my application this week.
  5. Rio Hondo Straight to LVN 2022

    Hello, I am also applying to the LVN program during this open application period. Fingers crossed ?

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