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JeanstarMSN has 23 years experience and specializes in MedSurg.

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  1. Caring Moment

    Over the years I have done my share of patient education, preparing each patient before surgery. This period of time can elicit a range of emotions, mostly fear and anxiety. Family members are often included in the conversation. Fear of the unknown a...
  2. Fear of Floating | Life of a Nurse

    ? go girl!!
  3. Fear of Floating | Life of a Nurse

    Wow! 14 years! Good for you! Thanks so much for your comment!
  4. Fear of Floating | Life of a Nurse

    Thank you!
  5. Fear of Floating | Life of a Nurse

    The Joint Commission's position states that the requesting unit that a nurse is to float to must be a similar unit1. That way the nurse can acclimate easier and function in a competent manner. This prioritizes patient safety. The requesting unit...
  6. Any nurse, new or seasoned, can feel overwhelmed at times at work. It can be a challenge to learn the art of delegation. Without it though, a nurse can become fatigued, stressed, and depressed. On the other hand, delegating tasks effectively can impr...
  7. Compassion Fatigue - Staying Positive | Knowledge is Power

    I totally agree! Run into this situation at work all the time!
  8. My patient, Frank, was a diabetic. Many of his health problems stemmed from his lack of education about controlling his blood sugar. Without intervention, Frank would have become a more unstable diabetic. His demeanor was apathetic. He did not unders...
  9. Simone Biles withdrew from some of her Olympic events because she felt like her mind and body were not in sync. Bedside nurses quite often feel the same way ... mind and body out of sync. Have you ever been at work and felt like you were being p...