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  1. Hi everyone im a new grad and recently had an interview that asked a question I was unprepared for and had no idea how to answer it. Can you give me some examples with how you would have answered it. " name a time when you misinterpreted something."
  2. karesssi

    Am I being tricked?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some insight and thoughts I'm a new grad, and have been offered a job at a LTC facility. they offered me a FT day shift job. Which I was eager to hear because that's what I originally wanted. The next day after speaking with them and getting my offer letter out (which I have not signed) they informed me that day shift was completely full and if I would be okay starting out in an evening position. (I don't want to do evening position because I live an hour away from the job, and would have to drive and be gone from 1-11 pm. Leaving me about 4hours a day with my son and 0 with my husband. VS day shift 5am-4pm leaving me more time with my son and husband.) Anyway, I had declined and said I would not be able to do that shift. (I would be willing to do evenings closer to home or part time) and they messaged me the next day saying to continue on with the signing on process because they are certain a day shift would be open by the time I start. When the time comes do you think they are going to "trick" me into doing evening shifts.