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  1. Why not paralyze??

    @offlabel Setting up a Neo gtt also takes more work as well haha Paralyze, 0.6-0.7 Mac of Volatile, a little dilaudid and Precedex/ketamine, PCV-VG on the vent w/ necessary PEEP, open Sodoku and put feet up LOL.
  2. Why not paralyze??

    @Nurse Pompom The level of sedation/analgesia that's needed to prevent awareness and block nociception is so much less than what's needed to block reflexive muscle movements (or reflexive autonomic actions such as aspiration and spasm). For exam...
  3. Why not paralyze??

    I'm a senior SRNA and gonna be graduating soon. I have a question that I have to ask because I can never get a straight answer. For cases where paralytic is not needed, but you have an ETT in (d/t airway control, NPO status, etc...) why wouldn'...
  4. 1st Job priorities CRNA

    I have 2 good job offers and need some advice on which to choose. Both offer excellent pay as a full time 1099 (1 slightly more than the other). Job #1: Larger Variety of cases (except Peds). 8:1 supervision model. Spinals, Epidurals/OB, and New...
  5. CRNA job alternatives

    I'm a SRNA just starting my 3rd year (Senior year). Despite having amazing grades and solid clinical sites/experience, I feel as though I am not where I should be. I believe most of my class is ahead of me and simple physical tasks are huge hurdles f...