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  1. The program begins Monday, January 31 🙂
  2. It was from 206, it said Seattle.
  3. Received official phone and e-mail offer today from Tarzana! Got a call from Mikayla (recruiter) first then she followed up with an e-mail. I confirmed my acceptance via e-mail.
  4. YAY! Congrats!
  5. Nice! I preferenced l&d and postpartum. I counted 28 receipients on the email so I’m wondering if they’re only interviewing 28 people! Doesn’t sound like a lot. But I noticed they only gave us 3 days to pick when to interview so they probably are...
  6. Yay congrats! Did you get the email today about the pre-interview zoom meeting? Also, what units did you preference?
  7. Hey guys! Starting this thread so we can all keep each other updated on the Cedars-Sinai RN Residency application which will be opening sometime after midnight tonight. This is for the Winter 2022 cohort which begins February 14, 2022. Remember to ke...
  8. Oh wow is this for all Providence locations? Or just OC ones?
  9. You might be getting it confused with letters of recommendation!
  10. It looks like a lot of people on this thread are getting interviews! Congrats you guys 😭 let’s kill these interviews. My invite with Tarzana also was for a video, but when I got the confirmation back it said “in-person”. I’m pretty sure it’s vid...
  11. Just got an invite to interview via video with Tarzana!! Yay!
  12. I preferenced Tarzana as well! Haven’t heard from anyone yet.
  13. Has anyone who applied to l&d or postpartum been contacted for an interview? Wondering how big their cohorts are for women’s health this year. I feel like it’s so competitive.
  14. Not yet!! Same! Status hasn’t changed since 9/28.
  15. Hi all, Starting this thread before the Jan '22 cohort application opens up today (hopefully soon!) I have all the required documents ready to submit, patiently refreshing and hoping the link to apply pops up soon. Let's all connect and keep eac...