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  1. How Could She Have Died?

    I believe if she would have went to the OBED interventions could have been implemented and possibly save her life. Going forward, emphasis needs to be placed on returning their during discharge instructions if any abnormal feelings and or complicatio...
  2. How Could She Have Died?

    This is an extremely good read. I remember hearing about an incident similar to the story a couple years ago on the news. The story is extremely sad and heartbreaking primarily because it was preventable and we as nurses failed her. In addition, thes...
  3. Next Generation NCLEX – What Is a Bow Tie Question?

    This that was a very good read and insightful. However, that scenario and bow tie question seems a little complex and advanced for the nursing students that will be taking the new NCLEX. I hope educators are preparing right now to implement the neces...
  4. Patient Abandonment

    That's absolutely crazy. I'm not sure what he was thinking but fortunately none of those patients fell out of bed hit their head and then subsequently passed away or else this will be a totally different discussion. What he did is the epitome of pati...
  5. Next Generation NCLEX – Are You Ready?

    Great article and very insightful on the new changes coming to the NCLEX. I've been hearing about these changes coming for some time. I think it's a good idea but I do have some concerns. I'm cautiously optimistic that nursing institutions and ...
  6. I absolutely love your case studies. They are definitely challenging but interesting and insightful. Thanks!