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  1. Congratulations to those who got accepted!!!! I got accepted with 89 points before the interview.
  2. Has anyone submitted the online application? When I finally created an account and logged onto the applications it only asked for basic personal information, high school name, college name, employers, emergency contact, and the grades for anatomy, Mi...
  3. I have the exact same problem! I thought it was just an issue with the mobile website and was thinking of waiting until I got home to do it on my desktop.
  4. Hello everyone! Commenting to stay posted. The deadline for fall 2022 completely slipped from my mind! Did anyone attend an information session?
  5. LACC Spring 2022

    Hey guys I just got accepted as an alternate
  6. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    I just received an email saying that they received my application. I sent it on the 15th
  7. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    Wait did everyone receive an email confirming that they have received the application? I still haven’t gotten anything back ?
  8. LACC Spring 2022

    Hello! Posting to stay updated! Since you already went to the info session… was the concept of submitting copies AND originals brought up??? I feel a little iffy about submitting my ssn and my id since I’d be left without any type of identification….
  9. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    I think as long as you sent all the transcripts from the 8 schools you attended, it should be fine? Perhaps contact them to explain your situation
  10. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    I also have the same question!
  11. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    Hey guys! I was curious about what documents you attached to your applications. I was reading through the requirements and it says social security number or itin number and right after it has “attach copy” in parentheses. Did you guys provide a copy ...
  12. Pasadena City College ADN Program Spring 2022

    If you don’t me asking, how many points did you guys have? Good luck guys!!
  13. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    Thank you guys so much!
  14. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    Hey guys I have a question! I’m not from rhc so I don’t know how this is supposed to work. I applied for my student ID and I sent my official transcripts to admissions and records... am I supposed to get my prerequisites reviewed by a counselor or is...