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  1. RavenFutureRN

    TWU Spring 2022 APPLICANTS

    Hey everyone! I'm looking at applying to the WEP and still need to take my TEAS. What sites would be recommended on taking a practice TEAS test to see where I am at, so I know what to focus my studying on.
  2. RavenFutureRN


    Looking to apply to this program as well! I haven't scheduled my TEAS yet. Honestly kind of nervous about it!
  3. RavenFutureRN

    TWU WEP FALL 2022

    Hey! It stands for Weekend/Evening Program ☺️
  4. RavenFutureRN

    TWU WEP FALL 2022

    Hello all! I am excited on applying to the WEP program in Dallas starting in Fall of 2022. I just applied to TWU as a transfer, and am currently finishing up Micro and Chem this fall at my local community college. I still need to take my TEAS and that honestly is stressing me out more than it should be. As of right now: Pre Req GPA. - 3.77 Nursing Core GPA - 4.0 Questions: -What is a good TEAS score I should be aiming towards? -What does the typical schedule look like for the WEP? -As far as the point system what would be considered a "safe zone"? -If you were waitlisted how many points did you have? -When do you typically hear back on whether you were accepted or not? Thank you for anyone that takes the time to read and answer my questions. I'm sure there will be more. haha!