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    Should I keep my head down, or say something?

    I guess “Capstone” is just different at my school? It’s what they call the final course. During this course I take the Exit HESI and other exams. I apologize for any confusion….. just terminology
  2. nurseinthemaking123

    Should I keep my head down, or say something?

    I will look into this…. I’ve had a previous conversation with my Dean a few months back because I had filed a complaint without speaking to her. That was the issue though - the tipping point for my complaint was that I had emailed her directly with scheduling issues and she never responded. I appreciate the insight very much
  3. Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️ 

  4. I am a nursing student, and I am currently retaking my Capstone course due to being just shy of 900 on my exit HESI. There were so many times during my program where things would happen, and instead of saying some thing I just “rolled with it”. Being cut early from class and being told not to tell… Literally being told by my clinical instructor to stay off of facebook and don’t go shopping and we could go home. For our last capstone clinical, she didn’t show up altogether and called us a half an hour after we were supposed to start and told us to go home and she would put our attendance in for the day. That’s when a classmate next to me looked over and said that the clinical group from the previous day had the same problem, and the instructor claimed to have a flat tire. This was after already having waited until the very end of the course to actually get on site. I don’t believe this was entirely the fault of the school but rather the hospital and their boarding process, however there was definitely an air of just putting what needed to be put on paper for us to graduate and not what actually benefits us as future nurses. So here I am re-taking the course and yesterday evening was supposed to be my first simulation class. The instructor was running late because of her previous class, and when she did finally take the first group of students from our class they claimed that she was flustered because she though the group was completely unprepared (obviously not having the opportunity to be in a lab during distance education) and she “had to make nurses out of them“. We were a large group and they wanted to work with us two-at-a-time, so I was told to use the time as a study hall and they in fact ran out of time…. so I just sat there for three hours. We are evening students, so this class runs LATE. Even when there is nothing presently for us to do, we are told to stay on campus until that time because we “have to have a certain amount of simulation hours”. Has anyone had experiences like this in their RN nursing program? Is it worth saying some thing or could that make me a target? I’m frustrated. I feel like ultimately the things we are told to do is to benefit the school saying we met certain qualifications, not what’s best for the students now and in the future. I understand that teaching isn’t the only job many of my instructors have, but why should that become my issue or why should my program suffer because of that? Thanks for reading!