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  1. trippypineapple

    Should I do GBC's RPN program PT or FT

    Hi all! Thanks so much for your advice on my last post 🙂 I've decided to go ahead and make the next move. That said, I have another question I'd love to get your advice on. I'm in the process of doing my interview for GBC's RPN program and I think with my average and experience in health care, I stand a pretty decent chance at getting a spot. That aside, I have clinical depression, anxiety and was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I do a combo of medication and talk therapy. I try to watch my diet, get active frequently and just overall take care of myself. I'm not perfect but I'm definitely better than where I was 3 years ago. I'm wondering if maybe the course load at GBC would be too much for me? From semester 1-3, there's about 7-8 courses, including clinical. I worry that I'm going to get overwhelmed and relapse. That said, this is the nature of the game and I don't want to limit myself or forgo a whole career because of my disability. From people who are currently doing it now or have done it, how have you/are you managing the course load? If you had the option to do it part time, would you recommend that more? Or has the heavy course load strengthened you as a nursing student/nurse? I already know I'd be able to do it PT because I'd get an accommodation to reduce my course load but I don't want to fall back on it out of fear. At the same time, I also don't want to shoot myself in the foot and think I'm Superwoman. I know this is an individual choice but I think it'd be great to hear from others, especially if they're in the same boat as me. TLDR: should I use my accommodation to take GBC's RPN program PT? Or is the heavy course load not as bad as it seems?
  2. trippypineapple

    Clinicals and choosing a specialty

    Hi all, I would love to get some much needed, honest feedback on this topic. When it comes to clinicals, do you have to work at a hospital or can you choose based on interest/personality? Truthfully, I gravitate more towards LTC, family health clinics, and community care. I have some experience doing home-care and working in LTC and I loved every experience. I also really like the vibe from family clinics or even specialized clinics compared to hospitals, however this is based on personal experiences. I'm definitely don't want to pigeon hole myself here and I'm open to specialities I have no experience in but would love to learn (psych, maternal-child). I guess I'm just apprehensive about specialities like ER and ICU mainly because I feel like I'm not well suited for the pace and that I would get flustered so quickly, making me feel incompetent. Maybe my perception is totally wrong here though or maybe it's the nerves in thinking that LTC and family health can't be as high pressure. So ya, is it a requirement to try as many specialities and settings during clinical? RPN and RN alike (I'm definitely thinking of bridging once the RPN program is complete, but baby steps LOL). Does thinking like this already make me not well suited for this field if I'm not as open to certain specialties due to anxiety and knowing my personality well?