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  1. TransfemmeRN

    New Traveler

    I rented a room practically across the street from the facility
  2. TransfemmeRN

    New Traveler

    Shop around for different traveling agencies. Take something easy for your first contract if money isn't your priority. For my first contract I took an assignment just outside of the 50 mile radius away from my tax home, so I was somewhat familiar with the area. You will do great!
  3. TransfemmeRN

    Psych Travel assignment in Oregon

    Hi there, I have some traveler experience but never have done a psych assignment in Oregon. Does anyone know any resources to learn about involuntary psych hospitalization laws and regulations about restraints and seclusions? Also I'm having little luck trying to find housing in the Portland area. Airbnb and Furnished Finders have not been helpful besides overpriced rooms that cost as much as one bedroom apartments. Mods, please feel free to move this thread to another section. Thank you