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Med/Surg, Hospice, triage
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Advicenurse has 24 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Hospice, triage.

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    Does anyone work as a VA bed control nurse? I applied a few weeks ago and would like any insight from nurses who have held this position such as duties, pay, hours, did you like it? I applied for a part time weekend only position. No call yet for an ...
  2. Work From Home

    I have been working from home for about 4 years. I started out doing telephone triage. I transferred to a new position within the same hospital and now I just educate patients prior to surgery, procedure and obtain medical information from them. I m...
  3. How to deal with lazy techs/CNAs?

    I think it starts with your manager. I worked the floor for 10 years and we always had this problem. My manager seemed uninterested when we would tell her. It just makes your job so much stressful when you have 7-8 patients and are doing total care f...
  4. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Thank God I have about 10 years left before I retire. I worked in the hospital for about 10 years of my nursing career. We were always short staffed, overloaded, always rushing. I was in fear for my license many times. There is no amount of money tha...
  5. First Time Parents Asked For A Different Nurse

    Trust me when you get patients like this, they have fired plenty of other nurses before. It’s a power trip not personal. It’s happened to me and most other nurses also. Unfortunately it probably won’t be the last time this happens. You won’t be able ...
  6. Part time gigs for retired nurses

    I work pt as a weekend supervisor in a NH. I have about 9 years before I can retire and plan to keep doing this since It’s 4 days a month and pays well.