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  1. Please bear with me. I am going to turn a really long winded dramatic story into a shorter one. I got pregnant and got my GED at 21. Went to community college for three years. Ended up transferring to a university in Boston where I got my BSN. During the pursuit of my bachelors I entered a physically abusive relationship, got pregnant, and still managed to graduate with a newborn as a single mom. I am proud of myself for this. Last may I graduated and this may I put my abuser in jail. However I also moved out, got my own car, etc and basically became independent overnight. I have been in a PHP For trauma due to the abuse, and was recommended marijuana and eventually got my "card". After reporting him this may, a year after I graduated, I decided to take the NCLEX (yes one year post grad). I did it and I somehow miraculously passed. After smoking weed that morning. I realize I sound like a train wreck but I promise I am capable, and caring, and very normal. Just going through a rough time. I ended up getting an offer for a position in NH. It's at SNH Medical Center. I have a drug test in 4 days, and even thought I quit I am quite certain I will fail it. I have already postponed it twice (yes twice). I think HR is going to get a little skeptical if I do it again (it is just part of a day of obnoarding so it didn't look TOO bad). I feel most people would at this point say F the job I'll keep sober and look somewhere else. I have two kids to raise alone. I have no money. And I need this job. BASICALLY ASKING for any advice that doesn't include fake urine, which I don't think I'd get here anyways, or people who work in NH that know more about whether THC is even on the panel. It is not in MOST massachusetts hospitals as of 2021 (partners included).