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    Thank you for the feedback I appreciate you taking time out to respond
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    hi group I been reading on this platform for awhile I had been a nurse for 20 years got involved in drug license suspended in 2017 I been clean for 2 years applied to the board of nursing for reinstatement joined hpmp 7 months ago got a letter form the board of nursing for a informal meeting there saying I lied in 2017 I told the investigator I never took a ativan off the cart but in 2021 I admitted it to the investigator yes this is true in 2107 I was in active addition so yes I was lying also there saying I told the investigator my clean date was march 2018 but I told hpmp 2019 honestly im not trying to get over my lying and getting over stopped when I got serious about my recovery I stopped didn't get clean for everything all at once but I know I was clean from everything march 2019 any feed back I have a hearing in august I would hope that they would take in consideration that I joined hpmp to prove im serious about getting my licence back and practicing safely im overwheled