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10 years LVN/Medsurg
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Kstearns has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in 10 years LVN/Medsurg.

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  1. @123GoToSleep The title changed that's all...Been caring for patients as a nurse for 9-10 years and still giving good patient care..You would be surprised at how many good nurses stay after shift to chart because they took a little time to give the best care for patients who are people..That's what it's all about.. Peace and blessings 🙌🙏✨😌💛
  2. Today, I became an RN. Was the most hardest thing I have ever done in life especially at my age. Nursing school was equally exhausting and very difficult for me trying to remember and learn during covid-19. I was always the last one in class taking exams, the last one completing HESI benchmarks ( was a nightmare as I would have to take each 3 or 4 times to get past 850) and I was the last one to graduate.. If this sounds like you and you are feeling discouraged, please take a deep breath and GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. It's OK to be the last one in class and it's OK to take HESI benchmarks 50 thousand times( LOL) and it's OK to read and re- read and read some more.. The one thing I did was kept my grades to myself and If I barely passed, I applauded myself..👏👏👏👏 ..I never looked to be an " A" student, I was just proud enough to have accomplished a goal.. But the biggest thing is Always give yourself Grace and go at your own speed. To prepare for NCLEX, I used UWorld ( I would range at about 55-60% in scoring, DID 75 QUESTIONS A DAY) I also used this amazing instructor on Youtube called NEXUS NURSING.COM with Professor D ( SHE IS AMAZING), I would listen to her in the car, on the way to work, at the store etc...and I also used a wonderful program called Nursing.com. This program would literally have an instructor explain every disease process and had courses like Medsurg, OB, Pedi, Mental health etc.. and fundamentals of Nursing procedures, just as if you were in nursing school. The day I took NCLEX, I ran out of time at 123 questions and of course, I was the last one testing... DO NOT STRESS IF YOU GO PAST 75 QUESTIONS ON NCLEX... Take your time and answer the questions to the best of your ability... I passed...Please, don't give up, don't get discouraged, take your time and don't worry about the next student. You do you! Your time will come when it's your time..and most of all GIVE YOURSELF GRACE... You got this, trust me... Peace and blessings 🙌