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  1. Camp help in PA

    Found this old post..... I had a good first taste of camp nursing this Summer and loved that my 2 daughters could come with. But, I am looking for another camp in PA for next Summer and would appreciate any recommendations. Prefer large camp, co...
  2. Camp Nurse. First time, is this par for the course?

    Thank you so much for the reply. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a great Summer and so have my kiddos. I am just wondering if this is how it is everywhere…..If the challenges are just all across-the-board the same such a short staffing, the food, quality...
  3. Camp Nurse. First time, is this par for the course?

    GOOD advice! Thank you! Will do
  4. I am currently at my camp for my first camp nurse job. There is so much I like about the camp...the variety of activities for the kids (my 2 kids re with me), how beautiful it is, and I am super lucky to have a great team in the infirmary BUT day 2 o...
  5. How's 2021 camp session going?

    First year as camp nurse. Enjoying it very much! I will say I and my other coworkers here are quite surprised to see how many kids are having behavioral issues (anxiety attacks, self harm, tearfulness). I am curious how much of this has to do with po...