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  1. John Hopkins BSN-DNP Fall 2022

    Got my acceptance too! Congrats everyone!
  2. John Hopkins BSN-DNP Fall 2022

    Hi everyone I applied for early decision to John Hopkins BSN-DNP Fall 2022 program. I just wanted to create a forum where everyone can share decision announcements for all specialty programs and just have a place for everyone to chat!
  3. Quitting New Grad Residency for NP program

    More so in nursing administration and possibly teaching in an ADN. I would gain experience through working per diem/ part time while in DNP school which is 3-4 years, also from my 1 year residency program, and working a little after I graduate. I th...
  4. Quitting New Grad Residency for NP program

    I do like pediatrics but for me it’s not my end goal and I would want to work eventually in academia. So I would rather not delay going to NP school when bedside nursing really is not what I want to do in the long run. Also since the new grad program...
  5. Quitting New Grad Residency for NP program

    Yes thank you! I will definitely look into this and see if I can do both. Depending on if I stay in the same state for my NP, I would just continue on per diem possibly
  6. I am a new grad nurse that recently graduated in May 2021. I am planning on applying to NP programs this upcoming January to possibly start the following June or August. I was recently offered to be part of the new grad residency program at one of th...