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NurseNick has 13 years experience and specializes in Emergency Room and ICU/CVICU.

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    Question for CRNA’s in recovery

    Hey all, Hope all is well. I’ve done a fair amount of looking around for information, both on this site, along with others, for this information and hope you can help. I’ve been a nurse for 15 years, the past 8 of which I’ve been a person in long term recovery. I had a DUI 9 years ago that led to this path and I’ve done quite a bit of work to take care of many aspects of my life. I did self report to the board of nursing, went through 5 years of monitoring and have had no issues since. I’ve learned to be proud of it and speak openly about with nurses and healthcare workers now. It is the only thing on my record, my nursing licenses are completely clean and all my work with the board has been destroyed for confidentiality (Go Maryland for being progressive and actually wanting people to recover) since I completed the program (they do this two years after successful completion with no other infractions). There are no public records of my monitoring program and I’m clean on the NPDB. My question is, I will be applying to grad schools this time next year and CRNA is always something I’ve wanted to do but have been unsure about the Credentialing process and if hospital’s would even want me in there with the history of even a single DUI. I report this freely when I move jobs (it doesn’t show up on background checks for most standard RN jobs as disposition is over 7 years ago) but know hospital credentialing is a whole different beast. I have been able to find enough information from forums and state boards to feel confident about getting into school and I have way more than the requisite critical care experience. My question is, has anyone been in a similar situation and/or would be willing to chat about some of their experience? Was hospital Credentialing harder because of your offense? I know licensing is a hurdle but I’ve moved states a few times and have got my “recovery packet and letters” down pat and know how to document evidence of rehabilitation well at this point so that doesn’t bother me as much but maybe I am being naive. Also, I really appreciate all others experience and opinions but what I see often in answers to questions like this on here is a lot of people guessing that don’t have experience with the topic in their responses, so I’d really appreciate anything someone with this specific information may be willing to share. Thanks all!