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Nurseonc has 11 years experience and specializes in Oncology.

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    Covid Patients General Population or Cohort

    Agree that some of it is just unfamiliarity but at least in our facility the precautions, don/doffing are more time consuming for Covid patients. The Covid cohorted units had staffing grids with lower ratios and a resource nurse to help. Our grids don't account for that and we are often short on top of that. There have also been two outbreaks on non-covid floors of staff and patients. I've never heard of a tuberculosis or flu outbreak, so that's why I'm asking. We also treat diseases spread via aerosol differently in the hospital with the exception of Covid that is still treated as droplet spread (no negative pressure room required).
  2. Our hospital has had Covid patients on cohorted units throughout the pandemic, as cases decline they are now moving them out amongst the general patient population. What is the policy at your facility? Have you seen spread on units where Covid patients are mixed with the general patient population? Any advice?