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  1. Hello, I begin the LPN program in July and I have been working as a CNA in a nursing home for a week now. Recently, I have been wondering if I should seek a position in home care or work PRN. I am only working the weekends now and have some concern over the high turn over rate but I've just always assumed that this was a given with Nursing homes. I tend to over think things a lot. It looks like people have been walking out, but I feel fine about the facility. I haven't found it to be stressful, just taxing on the body. Does you guys recommend PRN or working with an agency? I will pretty much be working paycheck-to-paycheck to cover bills. I believe agencies offer more but I don't have years of experience under my belt. Also any tips before beginning the program? I've reviewed the subjects I believe will be difficult. I've gotten school required materials. Are there any useful tools that are recommended?