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Cardiac, telemetry.
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Mursedaddy2010 has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac, telemetry..

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  1. Lock Downs - Do you think they were necessary?

    Not ashamed...I mean... you are wrong... but that is allowed too. Again this expected response just proves how short sighted and narrow-minded fear makes us. It also demonstrates how easily we can be manipulated. We didn't mitigate any transmission.....
  2. Lock Downs - Do you think they were necessary?

    Ultimately the concept of the lockdowns in this case was shortsighted and also proved to be counterproductive. COVID is 98% survivable where missed cancer dx as well as alcoholism and domestic violence are often far less survivable... but I loved how...
  3. Crushing Burden of Regulatory Compliance on Healthcare

    I am constantly either reminded/ "coached" and even disciplined for not conforming to the corporate click-bait that my employer requires in the patient's EHR. I personally have just focused my charting on the clinical/pertinent data rather than contr...