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  1. My Job Hopping & Bipolar Disorder

    I’ve had this same issue, but I’ve realized the cause, my husband makes enough money to cover the bills, when I had to work to pay bills I did. I know this sounds cruel, but I’m telling you nursing isn’t a “fun job” anymore, never really was fun per ...
  2. Transition to ER from med surg

    I am considering moving to the ER, the manager told me I would go through a program of education and classes through the ena and 8 weeks of preceptorship. Kinda a shorten version of residency. My question is how difficult are the classes for certifi...
  3. ER help

    Interesting I just had a ER interview today, I have experience in internal medicine for 2 years and I wasn’t expecting such a difficult interview. I’ve been to many interviews, and I’ve never experienced this before. First scenario, patient comes in ...
  4. Inexperienced ER help

    I am also considering going back to work, I’ve been out for 3 years and I have an interview for ER Wednesday. I didn’t like working internal medicine or med surg in the past, I quit nursing for awhile to care for a family member, I have worked critic...
  5. Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Thanks for all the replies, I’m debating switching careers my self, I’ve been in nursing for 11 years and I was curious what everyone is doing. I bet we see a flooded market of NPs even worse than now in a year or 2. I’m debating leaving it all toge...
  6. I keep hearing all over social media nurses are leaving nursing, as many as 25% in past year was a stat I read in article. If so many people are leaving where are they going, we still have to make a living and I’m just curious do you see nurses quitt...
  7. RN Working Condition in Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida

    Sounds like Atlanta, compared to Ohio Atlanta is like taking 50 steps back or more. Borderline abuse from CNAs at many facilities. I’ve worked at many down here and no one seems to think these behaviors are inappropriate but me.
  8. RN Working Condition in Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida

    I’ve been considering that too. I’m in Atlanta and I used to work at the Cleveland clinic, I like the south and working at the clinic was the most amazing experience of my career. My hope is mayoin Florida is similar but like you I’d like to know bef...
  9. Anxiety, depression and job hopping

    This sounds like my story, I’ve been a nurse for 10 years and the longest job I had was 1.3 years. The anxiety has gotten way worse to the point where I’m struggling to even renew my BLS the class causes me to feel very stressed and anxious, I’m tryi...