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  1. StudentNurseNay

    Patho at Portage

    Have any of you completed Patho-physiology through Portage? This is the 1 class I need to take and do well in to start my core nursing classes in the fall. I have found several others that have asked this question but I can’t find any answers. I would need to complete this class in about 6-8 weeks. Thankfully, I’m not doing anything else at the moment so I can spend all my time on patho. I’m just nervous about what I’m getting ready to get myself in to. thanks!
  2. StudentNurseNay

    Portage patho

    Hi! Did you end up taking Patho through Portage? If so, what was it like? I have about 2 months to take this class, and kick its butt so I can start my BSN program on the fall.