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  1. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    I don't dedicate anything to that dump. I dedicate my time and energy to my residents. If I don't then they won't get what they need, Because there isn't enough time or enough me. I am loved and I know it.19 old people love me and should they make it...
  2. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    You are so right. I have seen this as well. The NOC nurse changes most of the residents because her CNA sleeps all night,every night. The nurse is so tired. It is so crazy, me and her used to talk about me coming to NOC. She has complained to Admin t...
  3. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    The nurse that trained me to become a CNA pounded professionalism into my class. No matter how lazy she is, no matter how unfair it is, even when I disagree...I just can not find it within me to go against her.She is my nurse and I respect her no mat...
  4. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    Where is this utopia of a Rockstar team? Im asking for a friend..wink wink. You are correct, Nurses that rock it out need to be celebrated.You and your coworkers are the dream team. The good health care workers often are overworked due to a combinati...
  5. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    Facility called me and offered me 20.00 hr and a 4000.00 bonus.I declined.It was pretty bad guys.I am not just venting.It was horrible.
  6. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    Excuse me. I did ask her for help. She didn't out right refuse, instead she wave me away and continued talking on her phone. Furthermore, the facility tells is when we have 1 aid on the unit then no showers are to be done as it takes the aid away fro...
  7. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    My day: I get to work 30 minutes early and stop at the nurse's station, ask my nurse for my vital sheet, census sheet, Q15 paperwork(behavioral unit), and if I have a partner or not. Regardless, Im going to make the outgoing CNA walk the ENTIRE hall ...
  8. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    Admin does not have a clue about what it takes to take care of people. They have grand and unrealistic expectations. In a facility, THERE MUST BE 2 staff members for Hoyers. So I would have my CNA's put the Hoyers to bed, together, I could care less ...
  9. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    Communication is key.Talk with your CNA's. Let them know that you see their hard work and appreciate them.Buy them lunch every now and then. Be vulnerable by being transparent letting them know your load is heavy as well and while you may not be phys...
  10. CNAs running the building??!!

    I read it correctly the first time. I was just advising of my experiences and opinion. A CNA shouldn't give "respect" to a nurse for that nurse doing what is in their scope. A CNA should give respect to a nurse because the nurse is their superior, no...
  11. CNAs running the building??!!

    While there is never an excuse to be insubordinate, let me say that I AM a CNA/CMT and I know the job of an LPN. A big part of the issue is the attitude of some nurses.Example: You said if they have a nurse that will help they should give respect.......
  12. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    I am a Certified Med Tech as well as a CNA. I perform all of the duties of a LPN with the exception of inserting/removing catheters. Nursing home LPN's for the most part have disappointed me as a nursing student. As a CNA I have worked 3 consecutive ...