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  1. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    Hi! I’ll be starting in the fall and was wondering about pharmacology and pathophysiology classes. I didn’t see them included in the program but I know the NCLEX includes those topics. Are pharm and patho incorporated into the program at all?
  2. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    Just got my acceptance letter for Ammerman! congratulations to everyone who got theirs and good luck to those of you still waiting to hear back!
  3. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    Congratulations! So happy for all of you!
  4. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    Congratulations! Was Grant your first choice? Just wondering because I still haven’t heard anything….. also did you hear back by email or mail?
  5. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    Admissions said sometime around April
  6. Hey everyone! I’m applying to the fall 2022 day program and was wondering for those of you who got accepted what was your TEAS/rubric score? If you don’t mind sharing.
  7. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    OK cool. I just wanted to make sure I did it correctly because it made me apply as a new student….
  8. Suffolk Fall 2022 RN program

    Hey! I am applying to the 2022 RN program as well. When you applied online did you apply as a new student and pay the $40 application fee? I tried going to admissions for help but got nowhere LOL I just want to make sure I’m applying correctly ?
  9. Hey! Did you get accepted? My scores are similar and I am applying to the 2022 start
  10. Hi everyone! I’m hoping to apply for the fall 2022 program. For those of you who were accepted into the fall 2021 program or previous years, what were your TEAS scores and rubric scores if you don’t mind sharing. Also, does anyone know how many seats...
  11. Thank you so much! Wishing you the best of luck as well ?
  12. Congratulations on getting into the program! I’m applying for the 2022 start. What was your TEAS and rubric score like if you don’t mind me asking. Also are you starting clinicals your first semester/year? Ty!
  13. Thank you! For Suffolk’s program are there clinicals? And if so what are the hours/days like? I assume you would start them third and fourth semester?
  14. If you complete all or most of the prereqs on the rubric before applying and getting into the nursing program, will you be able to complete the nursing program sooner than the four semesters?
  15. I’m seeing that alot of people are taking the “prereqs”. For those of you who got into the nursing program, can you finish before the four semesters with having taken the prereqs before getting into the actual program? Because I know all the prereqs ...