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  1. Hi all, Anybody attended Evolution health academy for LPN program in Florida? If so how is it? Is the school legit? Has anyone outside Florida done LPN with them, passes NCLEX? Anyone in Texas attended the school?
  2. Hi BridgingHTx, are you by any chance from TX? Am joining Essential nursing school tthrough FoundPath and I wanted to gind out if anyone from Tx has attended the LPN program and if they have had any problems endorsing the license to Texas license? Someone please help

    1. Winners Circle 2531

      Winners Circle 2531

      Don’t do it! They are  on probation and are about to get shut down! They are stealing students’ money and holding on to their diplomas/transcripts even after they graduated. Their NCLEX scores are pathetic and they withhold that information from prospective students, which is why they won’t send graduates names to the boards because they know they are on thin ice with the Florida BON. Just look at the other threads. And don’t listen to those Google “reviews”. Most of them were written by faculty from fake accounts. Save yourself the money and headache!

    2. ChrisNy


      OMG! I figured it out. the minute they don't respond to emails and calls like a school should, I stopped following up. Please people dnt go to those schools