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    Will I have trouble finding a psych NP job without medsurg experience?

    Thank you so much, this response really helped! So do you think I’ll be okay with all the general 1st year courses in the DNP program without med surg experience? I know that it builds off the medsurg experience that most nurses have so I hope I don’t struggle too much. I’m doing a 10 week medsurg internship next Summer (my Summer from junior year to senior year) so hopefully that’ll help me in the future! Also, my school offers a few basic DNP classes my senior year of college. (Such as pharmacology & patho).
  2. alisongoldie2000

    Will I have trouble finding a psych NP job without medsurg experience?

    I am getting my BSN from university of pittsburgh, and then I will get my BSN-DNP from university of pittsburgh as well. This school is ranked #8 in the united states overall, so I think I'll be fine, right? It's not really the psych experience Im worried about because I'll work as a psych nurse for 3 years while I am in my graduate program. I am worried that I will be less likely to be hired as a psychiatric nurse practitioner due to my lack of medsurg experience. You know how they always say get 1 year of medsurg experience before doing anything?
  3. So im currently a junior in nursing school and I plan on getting my PSYCH BSN-DNP right after I graduate college. The BSN-DNP program im going to does not require any clinical experience outside of nursing school. My plan is to work as a psych nurse (specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry) for 3 years while I am in my psych BSN-DNP program. Since psych is a whole different ballgame than medsurg, should I still get 1 year med surg experience while in the DNP program? My only worry is that I graduate as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and will have trouble finding jobs due to the lack of bedside/medsurg experience? But my heart isn’t in medsurg at all I’m completely focused on psych which is my passion. Also, the whole first year of my DNP program is all general nursing classes that even the FNP students have to take. Psych classes don't really start until the second year of my program and by then I would already have psych nursing experience since I would become a psych nurse right after graduating college.