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    Hi everyone. I have read read read read everyones cases trying to find a similar case to mine but no luck so let me try here. I started my nursing school 2018 in nyc. I had no legal prior issues ever. during my last semester I was indicted on receiving stolen funds. long story short my bf I was seeing 2017 changed his identity, stole someone insurance money and gave me a check as a gift. it was less 10K so I was offered PTI and currently on probation. This all happened soo fast but I'm grateful than I at least have a chance to start over my life. Now back to nursing, im now graduated and still doing pti...I have been super nervous to apply because I know its not going to be an easy road. This weekend God spoke to me to stop doubting myself and just do it. I want to apply and write a letter too but I don't know if I should get a lawyer(that I can't afford) or just do it myself. Im sorry for the long post but as you all know nursing school was not easy and I am ready to begin my career. This whole case has put my wedding off, My career off and my whole life. I feel like a failure being the only person in my family to ever graduate but being young and dumb landed me this. I should have never trusted a man my whole family warned me about. Help a sister out