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    Hello, I am a new nurse, I graduated nursing school, passed NCLEX and also started my first nursing job. I have started orienting and It has been going well. Until now that I am in my last week. I am at the point that I am doing everything by myself now. Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed because I am always running behind. My proctor has told me to work at my time management. I really try but some days things just go crazy or I have a really busy patient and I fall behind. Knowing that I am behind doesn't really help my thoughts either, I am constantly making mistakes, and have to be reminded of orders and to take labs. I feel like my hearts beating out of my chest the whole time. I see my co-workers having time to help others and talk and take snack breaks. But, I feel like I don't even have time to go to the bathroom. Not to mention that I have to force myself to stop to chart (but even then I still, fall behind on charting). This past week was just terrible, I am trying to find the method that works the best for me. Everyday, I go in hoping that I don't fall behind but I do. I feel like a failure because I want to do more for my patients and give them more attention. I feel I don't give them the attention they deserve because I am constantly trying to catch up. What has worked for you guys when it comes to time management ? What do you do in days it gets super busy ?